My Ideal Planner

I bought a diary last week. Yes in the middle of the academic year.  I have yet to find a way of planning that works for me.

This year I have tried 2 teacher / lesson planning apps.  Teacher Planner for iPad and My Class Schedule for Android.  I’ve given up with both for various reasons.  So here is my ideal planner:

  • it must work in the cloud so I can check my lessons on my phone, tablet or desktop
  • fortnightly or weekly timetable
  • choose however many lessons per day you have
  • pauses for holidays
  • set all term dates in advance and lessons repeated automatically for the WHOLE year
  • have a “this lesson” and “next lesson” section for each lesson
  • carry over the “next lesson” section automatically into “this lesson” for the next lesson
  • sync with Google calendar so items from my personal and school calendars are displayed alongside lessons

So far I have found nothing that does all this.  They are all awkward and clunky.  I emailed Pirongs last year (who make excellent hard copy teacher planners) and asked then when they were bringing out an app version and they replied they had no plans to do so.  Well sorry but I think say goodbye to your business in 10 years or less if you have “no plans”.

Maybe I’ll build my own.