My student just had a lesson FROM SPACE! Social media in schools

The Welsh Government have recently announced that schools should stop blocking social media in order to teach responsible use. This week, one of my students has been using various technologies, including social media.

This student is doing a multimedia course and it creating a website for it about his main interest, space. He is incredibly knowledgable about space!

  • iPad– he’s been using the NASA visualizer app on the iPad. We don’t have WiFi in school yet but provided I download the updates at home it works well in school. It meant he could view some alternative ways of presenting information about space.
  • streaming live video – last Friday he spent an hour watching a live broadcast from the International Space Station by Commander Chris Hadfield. My student just got taught from space. From SPACE! How cool is that?!
  • Twitter – this afternoon I handed over the school Twitter account to him and he chatted to Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space during a live chat she was doing with the Science museum. He was delighted that she answered a few of the questions he’d been preparing all week.

He hasn’t said much about all this. He’s a quiet person but has had a big smile on his face! Credit must go as well to his fantastic LSAs who support him to stretch his interests further.


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